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- POWERFULL ceiling mounted LED fixture available for all non- maintained (NM), maintained (M) or centralised (C) emergency lighting especially designed for HIGH CEILING applications.
It is available in all following versions:
 - CENTRAL BATTERY (C.PERUN2) for non-addressable CBS
 - CENTRAL BATTERY (-ATXP) for system ELMAX-PATROLUX & Addressable CBS
- Conforming to the requirement of EN60598-2-22, EN1838, EN62034
- Design:
 - impact resistant polycarbonate (PC)

- High efficient MidPower (150lm/W) LONGLIFE LEDs (>100.000h) 5000K
- NEW Advanced Electronics
- LONGLIFE LiFePo4 battery
- Installation Mode (battery protection)
- Intelligent battery charging (intermittent charging)
- Jumper allowing to preset following functions:
 - INSTALLATION MODE activation/deactivation
 - Maintained mode activation/deactivation
- Addressable CENTRALTEST communication module (for ATXL, ATRF, ATXP only)
- LEDs indicating presence of power supply and signaling failures & TEST button

Datasheet (PDF)

Catalogus SEC-Lighting 2020 - 2021

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Artikel Artikelcode TypeLichtbronAutonomieBatterijGewicht
PERUN2-AT.1h 19-B-100-04-00-00 AUTOTEST -AT NM/MMidPower LEDs1hLiFePo4 6,4V/4,5Ah2,6kg
PERUN2-DALI.1h 19-B-101-04-00-00 DALI SELF-CONTAINEDMidPower LEDs1hLiFePo4 6,4V/4,5Ah2,6kg
PERUN2-ATXL.1h 19-B-102-04-00-00 1h/CENTRALTEST -ATXL ELMAX-LOOKMidPower LEDs1hLiFePo4 6,4V/4,5Ah2,6kg
C.PERUN2 230V AC/DC 19-B-103-00-00-00 CENTRAL BATTERY (CBS)MidPower LEDs2,0kg
C.PERUN2 24V DC 19-B-104-00-00-00 CENTRAL BATTERY (CBS)MidPower LEDs4,0kg
C.PERUN2 110V DC 19-B-105-00-00-00 CENTRAL BATTERY (CBS)MidPower LEDs4,0kg
C.PERUN2-DALI 230V AC 19-B-106-00-00-00 230V AC / DALI CENTRAL BATTERY (CBS)MidPower LEDs2,0kg
C.PERUN2-ATXPR 230V AC/DC 19-B-107-00-00-00 230V AC/DC / Addressable CENTRAL BATTERY (CBS) -ATXP ELMAX-PATROLUXMidPower LEDs2,0kg