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Unit for the centralized control of emergency lamps serie MATC CENTRAL

Unit for the centralized control of emergency lamps serie MATC CENTRAL
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MATC-Central is the central unit for the centralized control of emergency lamps fitted with MAT2 modules. The central unit uses a communications protocol with (nonpolarized) 2-pole parallel connection with a maximum distance of 300 m between the central unit and the last appliance.
The central unit controls up to 128 lamps divided into 2 groups.
Each of the 2 groups, A and B, can control up to 64 appliances. The central unit can be connected to either a panel thermal matrix printer or a PC through specially designed interface modules (MATC-Interface).

The central unit searches for and automatically memorizes all the emergency lamps (fitted with MAT2 modules).
The central unit searches for the identification number of the lamp and assigns a number ranging from 1 to 128 (64 for A BUS and 64 for B BUS).
After all the installed lamps have been located and memorized, lamp functionality and battery life tests can be performed.
The central unit makes self-diagnoses in the automatic or manual mode..

Lamp test
A lamp lighting test (lasting approximately 30 seconds) is performed every seven days. Both the day and the time of the test - which will be performed simultaneously for all the lamps of a group - can be programmed.
Battery test
With a time interval set to 1 to 52 weeks, a range test is performed simultaneously for all the lamps of a group. The duration of the test - 1 or 3 hours - must have been set on the MAT2 module through the specially designed bond..

The user menu of the central unit can be accessed to:
- perform the tests of every single lamp manually
- obtain information on the state of the lamps
- obtain information on the outcome of the tests performed in the automatic mode
- set the starting time of the tests
- adjust the time interval of the battery tests
- localize the lamps
- print reports.


  • Container to hook to guide DIN EN 50022: EN 43880 standards 
  • Dimensions: 159 x 90 x 55 - 9 modules
  • Material: self-extinguishing PPO
  • Weight: 0,400 Kg
  • Power supply voltage: 230/240V – 50/60Hz
  • Absorption: 15 VA DALI line voltage: 9,5-22,4V
  • DALI line current: max 250 mA
  • Data transmission speed: 1.200 Baud
  • Max. number of appliances per MATC: 128
  • max. number of groups per MATC: 2
  • mx. number of lamps (MAT2) per group: 64
  • Maximum distance between MATC and last lamp: 300 mt
  • Complying with CEI EN 50172, UNI 11222

Data sheet (PDF)

Product instruction (PDF)

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