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Self-diagnosis microprocessor module serie MAT4 DALI

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The MAT4 DALI module, equipped with sophisticated microprocessor module, is pre-programmed to carry out testing automatically.
Connecting MAT4 module to emergency kit predisposed, obtain a localized system which information, on the functionality, are provided by three-colour led, positioned on the lamp.
The MAT4 module is designed to be connected via "two wire DALI BUS" to a central control DALI. The result is a centralized system for full supervision of the whole system.

Complying with IEC 62386-202


Function test - Every 7 days it carry out a short test (about 30 seconds) on the function for lamp.
Duration test - Every 12 weeks it carry out a test (1 or 3 hours) to check battery capacity.

MAT4 module starts routine test when emergency kit is connected  to the battery and mains supplied.
24 hours permanent yellow led means a good start.
After 24 hours of continuous charge routine is terminated.
The led is now permanent green.


MAT4 reset itself:
- after more than 72 hours of no mains;
- removing mains supply and battery.
Localized system
If more MAT4 starts simultaneously the tests could be carried out with little different time.
This is for minimise inconvenience during the tests while premises are occupied, and minimise the effects of a supply failure when luminaires are only partially recharged after a full discharge test.


Yellow BlinkingBattery charging:
– for 24 hours after installation, after blackout,  or after full discarge
Green BlinkingTest in progress:
– single blink, lamp test
– double blink, battery test
Green PermanentAll ok
Red BlinkingFaulty:
– Single blink, lamp fault
– Double blink, battery fault
OffNo mains


Data sheet (PDF)

Product instruction (PDF) (MAT3)

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