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Module P211-5

Module P211-5
Module P211-5
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Module P211-5

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Product description

  • General lighting
  • Design and effect lighting
  • Emergency lighting
  • Spotlights
  • High-flux LED module
  • Narrow colour temperature tolerance band
  • Compact design
  • Excellent thermal management
  • Integrated polarity reversal protection
  • High-power LED in chip-on-board technology (COB)
  • Mounting with premounted thermally conductive double-sided adhesive tape
  • Available with or without connection cable
  • Connection: cable 200 mm
  • Cooling required
Technical data
Beam characteristic140°
Ambient temperature range-25 ... +55 °C
tp rated75 °C
tc (1)75 °C
Max. DC forward current700 mA
Max. permissible LF current ripple1,900 mA
Max. permissible peak current1,920 mA / max. 10 ms
Risk group (EN 62471:2008)1
Type of protectionIP00

 (1) If the max. temperature limits are exceeded, the life of the module will be greatly reduced or the module may be damaged. The temperature of the LED module at the tp point is to be measured in the thermally stable state with a temperature sensor or a temperature sensitive sticker according to EN 60598-1. For the precise position of the tp point see the above diagram

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Artikel Artikelcode Colourcolour temp.connection cable
LED P211-5 DL 89601879 Daylight white6,500 KYes
LED P211-5 NW 89601880 Neutral white4,200 KYes
LED P211-5 WW 89601881 Warm white3,000 KYes
LED P211-5 PM 89601882 Packed meat-Yes
LED P211-5 GOLD 89601883 Gold-2,700 K
LED P211-5 DL W/O-C 89601884 Daylight white6,500 KNo
LED P211-5 NW W/O-C 89601885 Neutral white4,200 KNo
LED P211-5 WW W/O-C 89601886 Warm white3,000 KNo
LED P211-5 GOLD W/O-C 89601888 Gold2,700 KNo