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Module LLE G2 55mm 4000lm ADV

Module LLE G2 55mm 4000lm ADV
Module LLE G2 55mm 4000lm ADV
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Module LLE G2 55mm 4000lm ADV


Product description

  • Ideal for linear and panel lights
  • LED system solution with outstanding system efficacy up to 165 lm/W, consisting of linear LED module and dimmable LED Driver LCA 50W 100 – 400mA lp PRE
  • Efficacy of the module up to 186 lm/W
  • High colour rendering index CRI > 80
  • Small colour tolerance (MacAdam 3) (1)
  • Small luminous flux tolerances
  • Colour temperatures 3,000, 4,000, 5,000 and 6,500 K
  • Perfectly uniform light, even if several LED modules are used together in a line
  • Push terminals for quick and simple wiring of LED module to LED module
  • Simple installation (e.g. screws)
  • Long life-time: 50,000 hours
  • 5-year guarantee
Technical data
Beam characteristic120°
Ambient temperature range-40 ... +65 °C
tp rated65 °C
tc85 °C
Irated800 mA
Imax1,000 mA
Max. DC forward current1,200 mA
Max. permissible LF current ripple1,320 mA
Max. permissible peak current1,560 mA / max. 10 ms
Max. working voltage for insulation (1)500 V
Insulation test voltage2 kV
CTI of the printed circuit board≥ 600
ESD classificationSeverity level 4
Risk group (EN 62471:2008) (2)RG1
Classification acc. to IEC 62031Built-in
Type of protectionIP00


Specific technical data (HTML)

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Artikel Artikelcode colour temp.
LLE G2 55x566mm 4000lm 830 T2 ADV 28001754 3000 K
LLE G2 55x566mm 4000lm 840 T2 ADV 28001755 4000 K
LLE G2 55x566mm 4000lm 850 T2 ADV 28001756 5000 K
LLE G2 55x566mm 4000lm 865 T2 ADV 28001757 6500 K