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Module EM-ES 08/10/12 Mk2

Module EM-ES 08/10/12 Mk2
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Module EM-ES 08/10/12 Mk2


Product description

  • Lighting module with 8, 10 or 12 LEDs
  • For use in escape route signs
  • Compatible with EM powerLED 1 W


  • Suitable for Tridonic EM powerLED emergency lighting units
  • For permanent and standby operation
  • Wide 120° distribution of light for uniform illumination
  • Operation on a constant current source
  • Replacement for 8 W T5 flourescent lamp
  • Several options for uniform light distribution
  • Can be interconnected to create longer strips
  • Low energy consumption
  • Long life-time thanks to low operating temperature
  • Provides a maintenance-free escape sign system
  • Simple mounting/installation
  • Push-in terminals for simple and quick wiring


  • Separate status LED required
Technical data
Ambient temperature ta-30 ... +55 °C
Typ. tc point (1)60 °C
Typ. luminous flux at 25 °C (2) (3)130 lm
Max. forward current (4)600 mA
Min. forward voltage2.7 V
Typ. forward voltage at 25 °C3 V
Max. forward voltage3.2 V
Typ. power (2) (3)1.05 W
Colour rendering index CRI80
Beam characteristic120°
Risk group (EN 62471:2008)0
Type of protectionIP00


  • (1) If the max. temperature limits are exceeded, the life of the module will be reduced or the module may be damaged. The temperature of the LED module at the tc-point is to be measured in the thermally stable state. For tc-point see the above diagram.
  • (2) Tolerance range for optical and electrical data: ±15 %.
  • (3) Data for operation with 350 mA.
  • (4) Exceeding the max. operating current leads to an overload on the LED module. This may in turn result in a significant reduction in life-time or even destruction of the LED module.

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Artikel Artikelcode light points per moduleColourcolour temp.
ES 12 285 Mk2 89800248 12Daylight white6,500 K
ES 08 246 Mk2 89800249 8Daylight white6,500 K
ES 08 285 Mk2 89800250 8Daylight white6,500 K
ES 10 285 Mk2 89800251 10Daylight white6,500 K