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DL-D/P mini constant voltage 12/24V

DL-D/P mini constant voltage 12/24V
DL-D/P mini constant voltage 12/24V
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  • Light dimming for Voltage 12-24V LED Driver
  • Three distinct modes of operation selected via jumper (are alternatives to each other): 1) Push dimming; 2) DALI dimming; 3) 1-10V Dimming.
  • Dimming Time (0-100 %, 100-0 %): A = 10 seconds, B = 5 seconds;
  • Restart after a power failure, resumption of the last set point;
  • Low level in Push is different from 0 to distinguish it from OFF.
  • Push Dimming: Short press the push button for ON/OFF (on and off ramps) Long press the push button to increase or decrease light intensity (2-100%). Regulation automatically stops at minimum and maximum values - for another regulation or off command, release the push button and give the desired command again. Memory of the last data dimming. At each ON the driver starts from the last data set. Method of resynchronisation (sometimes the system could be out of sync, i.e. some lamps will be on, others off, etc.). In OFF/ON position press the Push key for a long time (30 sec), the driver will be 100% and the system will now be resynchronised. Total length of PUSH cables: 15 m. Maximum driver recommended: 10
  • 1-10V (set via jumper): you can use commercially available 1-10V (0- 10V) dimmer s. The LED brightness varies proportionally to the signal sent to the terminal. You can use 100K potentiometers. The variation of the brightness of the LED is proportional or logarithmic, depending on the model of the potentiometer (recommended logarithmic) Using dimmers active and domotic systems (impedance 130K) or passive (Iout max 1,4mA)
  • Available only Slave for signal repeating (DL-S)
  • Complying with EN61347-2-13, EN61347-1, EN62384, EN55015, EN61000-3-2, EN61547

Datasheet (PDF)

Catalogus Dimbaar (PDF)

Certificering (PDF)

Catalogus Alvit 2018 (PDF)

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DL-D/P mini DL-D/P mini 12 - 24V DC5A-25÷ 50° C75°0,05 Kg1 x 1,5mm2Constant Voltage