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AL20MC-IP Constant Current 200/250/300/350/400/450/500/550/600/650/700 mA

AL20MC-IP Constant Current 200/250/300/350/400/450/500/550/600/650/700 mA
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AL20MC-IP Constant Current 200/250/300/350/400/450/500/550/600/650/700mA

  • Independent driver
  • Active PFC
  • Multi-power adjustable version rotary switch, constant current for power LED
  • Typical ripple current <3%
  • Degree protection, IP67
  • Cables H05RN-F, L. 190mm
  • Class II protection
  • Short circuit, overload, open circuit and thermal protection
  • Nominal life-time up to 50,000h at tc max
  • Complying with EN61347-2-13, EN61347-1, EN62384, EN55015, EN61000-3-2, EN61547ended range 110-264V - 50/60Hz

Suitable for operation at ext with about 50% of power derating


Datasheet (PDF)

Product instruction (PDF)

Catalogus Alvit 2018 (PDF)

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Artikel Artikelcode Mains voltage ACMains voltage DCMains frequencyMains currentPower factorMax output currentOutput voltageMax output voltageOutput powerAmbient temperature TaMax case temperature on Tcweight
AL20MC-IP 200mA AL20MC-IP 200mA 220-240V176-276V0 / 50/60Hz60 mA>0,85 C200mA3-42V50V8,4W-25÷50° C75°0,08 Kg
AL20MC-IP 250mA AL20MC-IP 250mA 220-240V176-276V0 / 50/60Hz75 mA>0,86 C250mA3-42V50V10,5W-25÷50° C75°0,08 Kg
AL20MC-IP 300mA 300mA 220-240V176-276V0 / 50/60Hz85 mA>0,88 C300mA3-42V50V12,6W-25÷50° C75°0,08 Kg
AL20MC-IP 350mA AL20MC-IP 350mA 220-240V176-276V0 / 50/60Hz100 mA>0,89 C350mA3-42V50V14,7W-25÷50° C75°0,08 Kg
AL20MC-IP 400mA AL20MC-IP 400mA 220-240V176-276V0 / 50/60Hz115 mA>0,9 C400mA3-42V50V16,8W-25÷50° C75°0,08 Kg
AL20MC-IP 450mA AL20MC-IP 450mA 220-240V176-276V0 / 50/60Hz130 mA>0,91 C450mA3-42V50V18,9W-25÷50° C75°0,08 Kg
AL20MC-IP 500mA AL20MC-IP 500mA 220-240V176-276V0 / 50/60Hz140 mA>0,93 C500mA3-40V50V20W-25÷50° C75°0,08 Kg
AL20MC-IP 550mA AL20MC-IP 550mA 220-240V176-276V0 / 50/60Hz140 mA>0,93 C550mA3-36V50V19,8W-25÷50° C75°0,08 Kg
AL20MC-IP 600mA AL20MC-IP 600mA 220-240V176-276V0 / 50/60Hz140 mA>0,93 C600mA3-33V50V19,8W-25÷45° C75°0,08 Kg
AL20MC-IP 650mA AL20MC-IP 650mA 220-240V176-276V0 / 50/60Hz140 mA>0,93 C650mA3-30V50V19,5W-25÷45° C75°0,08 Kg
AL20MC-IP 700mA AL20MC-IP 700mA 220-240V176-276V0 / 50/60Hz140 mA>0,95700mA3-28V50V19,6W-25÷45° C75°0,08 Kg