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• Slim design and powerful suspended mounted lighting fixture for smooth, comfortable and energy saving direct iIlumination by LED
• Suitable for all representative areas, especially for offices, hotels, shops, exhibitions, banks or even modern residential areas
• Modern high quality materials:
  • body made of pure anodised extruded aluminum profile
  • diffuser made of semi-opal “milky” colour polycarbonate

• MidPower LEDs 130-150lm/W made by either SAMSUNG or OSRAM
• 2pcs of tool-free adjustable wire holders located on the fixture body for rapid mounting and adjustment of suspension length 
• 2pcs of suspension steel wire ropes 0.8m long
• 1pc of ceiling power outlet
• 0.8m long cord

• Alternative surface treatment is possible (min.order quantity 100pcs)
• Alternative wire suspension length

Garantietermijn van SEC:
Architectural / indoor 5 jaar
(m.u.v. armaturen met noodunit/batterij – 2 jaar)

Datasheet (PDF)

Complete SEC Lighting Catalogus 2020 - 2021




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Artikel Artikelcode TypeA + B + C mmInput PowerLED parametersCRIWeight
WEGA-MODULE-AS LED/3000K 300-B-01 LED/3000K885 x 35 x 35mm28WLED/ 3000K/ 3000lmMin 801,8 kg
WEGA-MODULE-AS LED/5000K 300-B-02 LED/5000K885 x 35 x 35mm28WLED/ 5000K/ 3500lmMin 801,8 kg
WEGA-MODULE-AM LED/3000K 300-B-03 LED/3000K1134 x 35 x 35mm38WLED/ 3000K/ 4000lmMin 802,0 kg
WEGA-MODULE-AM LED/5000K 300-B-04 LED/5000K1134 x 35 x 35mm38WLED/ 5000K/ 4500lmMin 802,0 kg
WEGA-MODULE-AL LED/3000K 300-B-05 LED/3000K1412 x 35 x 35mm48WLED/ 3000K/ 5000lmMin 802,3 kg
WEGA-MODULE-AL LED/5000K 300-B-06 LED/5000K1412 x 35 x 35mm48WLED/ 5000K/ 5500lmMin 802,3 kg